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K-12 School Selection Process
The school selection process allows students currently in pre-kindergarten through 11th grade to apply to attend any school for the 2023-2024 school year with available space other than their catchment school.


Student Registration (*for Kindergarten and New Students)

Olney will be Open for Registration daily from 9-12am with staff to assist you. Registration can be completed online or in-person. Please visit the links above to be sure you have all of the required documents.



Please click picture above to update your contact information.

Please click below to sign Electronic Consent for Student Testing:

English, Español, Việt, other Languages can be found Here.

 Printable forms can be found “Here”. Please select your language and print. Return to Nurse Meyers at the beginning of the 2022-2023 School Year

**Students who develop COVID-19 symptoms can receive testing at school.  However, we can only test students if we have a completed consent form on file.***

Olney Strives for 95% student attendance daily. If your child is absent you may now complete the form below to report an absence.

Please use your child’s email address with the link above, if you do not have a Gmail account.

ex: STUDENTNUMBER@philasd.org

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New Bell Schedule for the 2022-2023 School Year

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Internet Access Options for Families

Computer Help Desk




EBT Card Information

Kindergarten Registration

*If you have trouble registering virtually, please stop by our main building or Tiger Annex for assistance.

Our Vision

The vision of Olney Elementary School is to create life-long learners and career ready citizens that celebrate diversity, model integrity, and exemplify excellence in everything they do.

Our Mission

It is the mission of our school to provide an active learning environment where each student is valued and challenged to meet his or her individual potential. Our learning community constantly strives to provide appropriate supports, challenges, consequences, and rewards. We endeavor to prepare our students to think independently, work cooperatively, and view obstacles as challenges to be met.

*We Dream*

Providing opportunities for students to explore the world through literature, hands on experiences, and exposure to various career opportunities.

Fields trips in every grade

College visits

Career day

Exposure to the arts

*We Prepare*

Using every resource at our disposal to ensure that students are getting the foundational skills and critical thinking skills they will need to excel as they move forward.

A strong focus on early literacy

Partnering tutors with students in all grades

Continual data assessment and tracking the progress of each individual student

*We Succeed*

Pathways are created to allow students to pursue their dreams.

Teachers and students push to excel state academic expectations

We set a goal that all Olney students are accepted into city-wide magnet or city-wide select high schools