Student of the Week


(WEEK OF 5/24/2021 ) 


Julie Thach (Room 2)
Acelyn Espinosa-Cuevas (Room 3)
Julius Rivera (Room 1)

First Grade

Emmanuel Guaba-Garcia (Room 9)
Paige Allen (Room 7)
Mikal Robinson (Room 8)
Zachariah Vargas (Room 6)

Second Grade

Marlee Salvador (Room 10)
Kennedy Richardson (Room 5)
Claurica Deras (Room 4)

Third Grade

Julielys Santiago (Room 201)
Laura Carrillo-Galdanez  (Room 204)
Mayco Pachero (Room 303)
Amira Wilson (Room 104)

Fourth Grade

Olga Vidal (Room 107)

Joshua Tim-Delvalle (Room 108)

Ariel Bromfield (Room 211)

Marklens Prince (Room 203)


Fifth Grade

 Alex Infante-De La Cruz (Room 206)
Andee Louiger (Room 103)
 Kevin Nuon (Room 205)
Franklyn Vigil- Esteban (Room 207)

Sixth Grade

Alisha Fowlin (Room 311)
Alexander Kim (Room 302)
Cheicksidi Traore (Room 101)
Roosevelt Bell (Room 301)

Seventh Grade

Lorena  Valentin (Room 305)
Mylai Diaz (Room 304)
Clayon Brown (Room 306)

Eighth Grade

Big Heart- Loviena Louiger
Big Brain- Ricardo Martinez

Musician of the Week

Messiah Mangum

World Language Student of Week

Mis corazones, thank you so much for your hard work in Spanish class and showing interest in learning my home language and culture through this school year. 
Parents and guardians, thank you for the support given to your student in learning a new language. 
¡Muchas Gracias!


Athlete of the Week

Jeanna Le

Black Belts of the Week

Natalie Gonzalez-Ipena
Camilla Martinez
Junior Spencer

Artist of the Week

Kennedi Clark